The internet is an integral part of life for most people. So much that the world online has quickly become a resource to find out information. As many as 90% of the adult population in the United States have access to the Internet. So how does that work to increase sales on websites?


The Internet is a hotbed for consumers who are seeking information. It’s become such an integral part of life that the modern consumer can find anything from 20 to 500 different touchpoints before ever committing to a final purchase.

There’s been a noticeable rise in purchases as well. The US e-commerce has hit a new high as of 2020 at 21.3%, this is up from 14.3% in 2018.

When considering “how much do websites increase sales?”, the figures show that websites are more important than ever to ensuring a steady flow of customers.

New Sales Opportunities

Thanks to today’s modern customers, having a website has become a must. If a company doesn’t have a website they are going to have a serious issue building up a steady clientele.

Websites have shown that they are by and for the most effective way to increase sales. To understand this let’s consider what a website can offer customers.

To begin with, a website can reach more customers than a brick-and-mortar store. Brick-and-mortar stores are limited by the number of customers that have access to the store at any given time. Operating at a local venue they will have a limited customer pool.

Websites can offer 24/7 support and sales. They supersede traditional sales that are limited by specific operating hours. Websites, however, can offer support around-the-clock.

One important thing to consider in regards to websites is that SEO works for them. Search engines work to rank websites based on their relevancy and other pertinent information. This is why there are such things as search terms that are used when searching for specific information. Results are returned reflecting the best matches for the search terms.

SEO is a way to signpost services. Via the use of keywords and keyword phrases, SEO works to direct traffic to specific websites that match the criteria for the search terms that are plugged into the search engines. When properly placed, such search terms will guide the right customer to the right website. This will help to bring in more prospective customers.

Using SEO properly is vital to establishing the customer base. It can direct and guide the right target customers to the website. For business owners with a website, you might want to make yourself familiar with white label headless cms.

There are two considerations to SEO:

Quality of traffic. Visitors should be actively seeking the specific product or services that they are directed to. If someone is seeking Time magazine in regards to the metaphysical nature of time, it’s a miss for that potential customer if they are directed to the wrong site.

Quantity of traffic. Encouraging those who are specifically interested in a specific service or product to click on your site will help to improve the flow of traffic and encourage more sales.

SEO is vital because, unlike ads, which can make up a portion of search results, the organic traffic is the same regardless of whether or not there are ten or ten million viewers.

For this reason, it’s worth the time of enlisting the assistance of an SEO professional to keep from missing out on relevant traffic that could bring up sales and improve the ROI.

Remember Web Design

Websites that engage visitors to have great design are a massive asset. Not just because the visitors use the site as a barometer, but also because you’ve branded yourself as being trustworthy and gained their loyalty.


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