Gucci Ring

Gucci Ring: What Makes It Special?

We all know that Gucci has been synonymous with Luxury for Decades. It excels in s a range of luxury fashion clothing, accessories, beauty and cosmetics and fragrances for men and women. In 2019, The Kering group redoubled its efforts in the jewellery sector. The collection is designed by Alessandro Michele, creative director of the Kering group’s leading label (Gucci Ring).

GUCCI Ring that is worth a buy!

TIGER HEAD RING- Crafted from hypoallergenic materials, Tis Ring is considered a House Icon because of its distinctive textured tiger head which is referencing the Greek god Dionysus, who mythically have crossed the river Tigris on a tiger sent to him by Zeus. Rendered in 925 sterling silver, this ring is a statement piece in itself.

Gucci Ghost ring in silver- The Gucci GHOST ring is basically a juxtaposition of the past and the present. Alessandro Michele invited an artist, Trouble Andrew, they both collaborated and designed this GUCCI GHOST engraved ring in 925 Sterling Silver.

Gucci Thin Silver Ring With Feline Head – Beautifully crafted with an Arabesque pattern with an aged dark finish, this ring with 925 Sterling Silver is worth a buy.

-Gucci Garden Ring In silver- Enriched with Centre Green Stone, this 925 Sterling Silver features an intricately engraved design. The feline has now become quite synonymous with the GucciGarden jewellery line. The fascination for wild animals and nature is quite visible through this collection.

-Blind For Love Ring- A thin ring crafted in silver which features engraved symbolic Gucci motifs, including the eye, hearts, birds, flowers and interlocking G.

-Silver Ring With Square G- A defining cutout motif of Square G is reworked and is apparently pulled from the 70s archives. The textured edges are trimming the accessory. This geometrical pattern is embellished with Arabesque-style engravings.

Ring with Interlocking G enamel heart- With the base of stencilled interlocking, the desire for experimentation outside the typical limitations of fashion is perfectly portrayed. This G heart ring is presented with red enamel, the transparency of these details portrays the world behind its visionary creations.

How To take care of Gucci Ring?

Gucci Ring
How to take care of the ring?

Gucci jewellery is made with carefully selected materials. As it’s a luxury design, it needs to be handled with utmost care.
The GUCCI ring is produced using hypoallergenic materials in accordance with the current international regulations
clean and polish the ring with a soft cloth and store it separately.

How much does a ring cost?

The beautiful ring ranges between $220 to $440.

The whole jewellery line basically revolves around three themes and i.e eternal love, animal kingdom and solitaires. Each design embodies the spirituality of imperfection which is reinterpreted through the prism of the mythical garden. Each gem is a unique manifestation of what Alessandro Michele calls ‘discordant symmetry’. The brand has continued to evolve and strengthen its market each year with the introduction of different categories. The jewellery line is not just a collection it’s an experience, each design tells a different story and manifests different energy. So if you are wanting to invest in a luxury item next time, we recommend you to go for GUCCI RINGS.


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