Foods for Healthy Bones – 6 Foods to Add to Your Diet


Foods and bone health – the connection is undeniable. No matter what kind of foods you eat it has a greater impact on your overall bone health. The foods you eat are responsible for supplying bone-healthy nutrients to you. Not only the foods but many other things can take a toll on your bone health. 

I remember I used to accompany my mother during her visits to a best orthopedic doctor in islamabad who was treating her for arthritis. Her doctor always emphasized dietary choices whenever there was a discussion on healthy bones building among children. This led to many changes in our daily habits from drinking milk daily to having fortified cereals as breakfast. 

How to Choose Foods for Bone Health? 

I am sure many among you must be curious regarding the choice of foods for bone health. If you are also struggling with this then here are some of the best food choices to make:

1- Dairy products

Dairy is a good source of calcium. As we already know calcium plays a crucial role in building stronger bones so consumption of dairy products can help you to get rid of the calcium deficiency. Some of the dairy sources you can add to your everyday diet include milk, cheese, yogurt, tofu. However, whenever you are adding these sources to your diet, make sure to keep your calories in check as these foods are high in calories and can lead to increased calorie consumption. 

2- Leafy greens

Next in the list of foods for bone health comes green leafy vegetables. Just like dairy, these leafy vegetables are rich in calcium. Some of the examples include kale, spinach, broccoli, etc. Not only this, but these fresh vegetables are also a good source of iron. So, yes make sure to add these leafy greens to your everyday meals.

3- Chia Seeds

Just like milk and kale, another calcium-rich food is the chia seeds that you need to add to your everyday meals. Chia seeds are the dark-colored seeds that you use in your everyday diet. These seeds are a rich source of calcium and can help to ensure that you have enough calcium available in your body. 

4- Fish oil and fatty fish

Next in the list of foods for healthy bones come the fishes. Fatty fishes are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids alongside other important minerals and nutrients. Other than fatty fish, fish oil is also important to build healthy bones. Fish oil is a rich source of vitamin D. You need vitamin D to absorb the dietary calcium in your bones pretty well. So, yes you can add these to everyday meals in moderation to build healthier bones. 

5- Fortified cereals

Cereals are one of the greatest foods for healthy bones. This is especially true for fortified cereals. These fortified cereals are rich in vitamin D and contain good amounts of calcium in them. Further, if you choose milk to make these cereals and add chia seeds to it then you can even make it healthier and rich in calcium. 

6- Orange juice

In winters, orange juice can be the finest choice as the best food for healthy bones. Orange juice we all know is a good source of vitamin C. This vitamin C is important for the synthesis of collagen that you require for healthy bones and joints. Calcium fortified orange juice that is available in the market is even a more preferable option when it comes to making food choices for healthy bones. 

Bottom Line!

When it comes to building healthy bones, your food choices matter a lot. There are certain foods when added to your diet can make your bones healthy. However, other than these foods, following good lifestyle practices can also help you build stronger bones. Here are some of the lifestyle practices other than the food choices that can help you build stronger bones.

  • Maintain a healthy weight if you don’t want to exert pressure on your joints and bones
  • Quit smoking and other substance abuse
  • Give up on a sedentary lifestyle and try to be more and more  physically active
  • Visit your physician on a regular basis and go for regular health checkups.


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