Everything Wrong About Personality Database

The Personality Database is a user-driven forum for discussing fictitious and real-life personality types. It is run by a multinational team to bring happiness and understanding to the world. They claim to give people the tools they need to discover more about themselves and the world around them. The community’s culture claim to be inclusive and productive. They aspire to build a community of actively engaged learners and friends who feel safe and joyful while pushing themselves to discover the truths and best in themselves.

Where does Personality Database Lie?

However, all this is not true! The people who work there are illiterate and terrible at typing. They are all a bunch of lonely arrogant pseudo-intellectual geeks behind a computer who have no lives of their own and know nothing, not even the location of their own asses in a hole in the ground. The group is filled with high-strung arrogant tools who take the website far too personally and thrive on fighting with others and attempting to knock others down in order to bolster their own ego/social standing. It’s an extremely political neighbourhood.

How important is Personality Database?

In addition, the community has an overwhelming illogical hatred/bias/inferiority complex against anyone with the INTJ personality type. They automatically label anyone who is an INTJ as a “pseudo-intellectual” because they are envious of and scared by such people.

personality database
Does personality database work well?

They criticise everyone who does not “fit in” with their own delusory worldview and typings of being an obvious “INTJ self-inserter.” Isn’t that sad? Because this community generally despises INTJs and ESTJs and is swayed inaccurately by the biassed INFP and INTP majority, if you are an INTJ or an ESTJ, you can expect to be harassed on this website by other members for almost no reason.

In the end, the people there simply reveal themselves to be the uninformed, ill-advised, anxious, lonesome, timid, worthless, lifeless, deluded little stupid that they truly are.


Over half of the people on Personality Database are a bunch of desperate lonely no-lived sort of semi nerds in high school or college who don’t get hugs from their parents. They should not be taken seriously.

If you want to chuckle at the drivel that that useless INFP and INTP pseudo-intellectual no life geeks like to vomit on there, it does make a nice unintended comedy website at times.

The website is just good for laughing at all those delusional tiny individuals hiding behind a computer or smartphone, arguing with one other about nothing.

This comes as no surprise given that everyone here knows this site is nasty and terrible, but I’ll make it explicit so that everyone understands. The personality database website is a bad site that frequently mistypes characters and people, as well as functions and characters. There’s a lot of negativity there, needless fighting, bullies, lazy debates, fame and bias, and bad drama that just gets in the way of accurately typing characters and famous people, which Personality Database is terrible at. They frequently mistype famous individuals, anime characters, fictitious characters, and others. It’s really that awful with the database.

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