The custom wire coil manufacturing process is a specialized coil manufacturing process that focuses on fulfilling the needs and satisfaction of the customers. Therefore, the manufacturers should have the ability to produce different types of designs based on the customers’ needs. The custom wire coil manufacturing process involves multiple activities, such as casting, gluing, soldering, and wrapping. For the production of custom-made miniature coils, manufacturers should have efficient expertise, equipment, and tools. 

How to Manufacture the Custom Wire Coils?

The custom wire coil manufacturing process is about winding isolated wires around a pin or core. Manufacturers can also produce coreless coils by withdrawing the cores once the winding process is finished. Due to the smaller size, coreless coils have substantial applications in vein insertion. The required winding number can be 400, 600, 1000, or 2000 and because of this huge number of windings, the wire has to have a very small thickness. To work with these tiny wires with thin isolated threads, manufacturers require to employ specialized expertise and machinery, otherwise, the wires can reach their isolation breakpoint.

For the manufacturing of insulated wires, most manufacturers use copper as this metal can efficiently conduct electricity. However, the use of metals can vary depending on the application area. When it comes to manufacturing the higher sensitive devices, manufacturers use bifilar wrapped coils as these coils have two strands of twisted wires. The parallel placement of the two leads helps to minimize the inductance of the coils. 

Factors to Influence the Manufacturing Process:

Several factors can influence the custom wire coil manufacturing process, such as-

  • The miniature coil winding process involves very tiny threads. Modern isolated threads have a diameter of 58 AWG –61 AWG or approximately 8-9 microns. This tiny diameter of the threads is essential for preparing miniature coils for different medical devices (for example, the devices in catheterization).
  • To design the coils for multiple applications, designers should also have a wide range of capabilities.
  • During the production of custom coils, manufacturers require to use thermal compression bonding technology to build a connection between two tiny treads.

Building a Connection between Two Tiny Threads:

Connecting two different tiny threads or ultra-fine wires is a difficult task for the manufacturers as they need to avoid occurring multiple issues, such as heat damage, isolation damage, poor conductivity, and degraded connections. To deal with these issues, the modern thermal compression bonding method is more reliable and efficient compared to the conventional heat-based soldering methods.

The Applications of Custom Wire Micro-Coils:

There are multiple applications of custom wire micro-coils in the medical field, such as

  • For the production of miniature implants in order to control, monitor, and transfer data.
  • For manufacturing implant batteries for providing wireless charging capabilities.
  • For preparing electrical charging input.
  • Micro-coils are also useful for RF treatments and heat treatments by radiating energy.
  • In the manufacturing of sensors for detecting the condition of some inaccessible regions of our bodies. 
  • To produce the devices for electromagnetic pulse treatments.

Apart from these applications, there are also several other crucial applications of custom wire coils. 


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