Where and why do hot tubs leak?

It is natural for hot tubs to lose a couple of inches of water each week due to the temperature and evaporation. However, it is not normal for hot tubs to be losing any more water than this over a week and if this does occur it is most likely you have a leak. It is most common for hot tubs to leak at the pump. It is crucial that before looking for a leak under the hot tub you turn all water and electricity off as this can be dangerous. Usually if there is a problem with the pump the rubber gaskets will be replaced.

The heater can also leak sometimes, again the rubber gaskets are involved in this and is due to them not being screwed on properly. Also, leaks may occur around the union fittings as they can become loose over time due to the hot water, so it is important you check your union fittings and make sure they are on correctly. It is very rare for a hot tub shell to crack as they are made from a strong material called fiberglass but in some occasions it does happen and can also be hard to spot when the hot tub is not empty and so it is recommended to drain your tub and inspect it.

How to fix a leak in your hot tub

Firstly, to identify the leak in your hot tub you should remove the side panels and before going underneath your tub make sure your pump or heater is disassembled and all power is switched off to ensure your safety. In order to make this easier you should drain the water from your hot tub to be able to locate the potential crack that may be causing the leak and allow you to fix it easier. If you identify leaks at the pump or heater the simplest way to fix this is by replacing them with new ones or new seals.

Leaks from things like jets are relatively easy to fix as they usually just need tightening and minor cracks in pipes just need sealing again. However, before calling a plumber or doing DIY check if your hot tub is still under warranty and appeal for a new one or get the damage repaired for free. Obviously, hot tubs do have a life span and it is not usually very long like most household appliances and depending on the damage it may be better and cheaper to consider just buying a new one.

How much does it cost to fix your hot tub?

If you are getting your hot tub repaired by a professional it will range from around 200 dollars to 1500 dollars depending on the amount of repairs your hot tub needs. However, sometimes a professional is not needed as you simply just need to replace a pump which any homeowner can do with a little DIY knowledge. When calling a professional to fix your hot tub you’re not only paying for the repairs but also the fee of inspection and maintenance which comes to a couple of hundred dollars.

How to fix a broken pipe

It is essential that you learn these DIY tricks if you’re an owner of a hot tub as pipes are often an issue. The most important step to fixing a broken pipe in a hot tub is that you make sure all power and electricity in the hot tub is switched off completely to avoid any danger or hazards. Sometimes this job may be simple if the pipe is short and you can just unscrew it and replace it, however if not it is a much more delicate job that involves cutting the pipe with a hacksaw.

You then need to join the replacement pipe together using PVC, apply a priming layer to the pipe and then apply the PVC cement over this. You must hold the pipes together with a strong force for around thirty seconds and leave it for at least two hours to effectively dry before turning the water back on. If needed, fill the tub back up and turn on the jets to speed up the heat and you should find you no longer have an issue with your pipes.

How to use fix a leak for your hot tub

Fix a leak is a solution designed to help fix leaks in a hot tub depending on the size. This solution will work on more minor leaks like at jets but cannot be used on pipe leaks. Firstly, before you can fix your leak you need to distinguish where the leak is actually coming from, to do this you need Rapid Blue leak detection dye which you put in the pool and gets trapped in the cracks of your hot tub, highlighting where the leak is coming from. Then by determining how much water you have lost you can figure out how much solution you will need to fix your crack. Make sure your tub is filled to the maximum and pour in the well shaken solution into any suction areas whilst the pump is running. You must repeat this process over six to eight hours then check on it the next day. If the water level has remained the same the leak has been fixed but if the water has gone down it means the leak still remains and you may need to try a different approach.

How to fix a crack in your hot tub shell

If you have a crack in your tub it is sometimes worth doing some easy DIY than calling for a professional, saving you money. Firstly, you should drill small holes at each end of the crack to prevent it from expanding even more and creating even bigger leakages. You then use an acrylic repair kit which you put into the crack and wipe the excess before it dries. Then to make this less noticeable, paint it.


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