CBD Oil Vs. CBD Tinctures: What’s The Difference?

CBD oil and tincture are both very popular choices when it comes to CBD products. Both can treat pain, anxiety, and depression, reduce inflammation and ease muscle tension. But there are some differences between them that you should know about before deciding which one to use. 

CBD oil and tincture have different modes of consumption as well as different CBD dosages. Following are some differences between CBD oil and tincture, so you can decide which one can work best for your underlying needs. 

Main Difference Between CBD Oil & Tincture: 

CBD oil and tinctures are derived from the same cannabis plant. Tinctures are typically mixed with alcohol, olive, grapeseed, or some other type of oils. These are mostly used with baked foods and coffee or tea. Some people also use them as drops under the tongue. 

Tinctures are also mixed with flavored liquids to remove the bitterness in their original taste. The effects of a tincture will last about four hours and can vary depending on how much was consumed. 

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On the other hand, CBD oil is usually a thicker liquid that contains a high concentration of CBD suspended in an oil. This oil is pure CBD extract. CBD oil is used by adding it to foods or drinks to ingest it. Its effects tend to last six hours and are usually stronger than those of a tincture. 

Effects of CBD Oil:

It is often noticed that CBD oils are more easily available than tinctures. Most people think of them as the same products, but it is not the case. CBD oil can be used in many ways. 

One of the widely used methods is to use them topically, i.e., apply to skin or surface. Consumption with foods and beverages is also recommended. People who regularly use CBD oil swear by its benefits for several health problems. These include acne, high blood pressure, cancer, and insomnia. 

Effects of CBD Tincture: 

The most common effects of using CBD as a tincture are relief from pain, anxiety, and inflammation. The use of CBD as a tincture has a variety of health benefits. It is especially popular among patients who suffer from any form of chronic pain, muscle aches, and arthritis. 

CBD tincture can also help to improve the quality of sleep, so it can be used at night time to make sure that your sleep will be deep and relaxing. CBD tincture is a fast way to introduce CBD into your bloodstream. It acts faster compared to CBD gummies and capsules. 

How to Use CBD Oil & Tinctures?

Both CBD oils and tinctures are beneficial in their own way. Tinctures use ethanol or other additives, which have a stronger flavor, whereas CBD oils use hemp seed or other edible oils, which are milder in taste. The oil will have the dropper, while the syringe-like top of the dropper on the tincture can be a little tricky to operate at first. 

Sometimes, CBD oils and tinctures are considered the same. Most brands also sell products with the name CBD oil tinctures. So, basically, there is not much difference in the composition. Also, routes of administration are the same for both oil and tincture. 

However, tinctures require refrigeration due to alcohol content, but oils do not need any special care and may be kept in your kitchen cabinet.

Concerns with CBD Oil and Tinctures:

Although both CBD oil and tinctures are safe to use, sometimes their usage may require some extra care. 

  • Liver Diseases: CBD oils are reported to increase the levels of liver enzymes. This can then lead to liver inflammation. So, if you already have some liver diseases, it is best to first talk with your doctor before using CBD oil. Moreover, if you are already using it, make sure to get your liver enzymes checked regularly. 
  • Eye Issues: CBD oils may lead to some side effects related to the eyes. A recent study showed that it could increase pressure inside the eyes. Moreover, it can also lead to dry and itchy eyes. So, if you already have some eye-related problems, don’t consider using CBD oil. 
  • Pregnancy: Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also not use CBD oil. It is noticed that it passes through the placenta and affects the baby in the womb. 

Interaction of CBD Tincture with Medications:

Like other CBD products, CDB oils and tinctures can interact with certain medications and produce harmful results. If you are taking medications that have the same side effects as CBD, it may worsen the symptoms. 

The drugs which can interact with CBD oils and tinctures are: 

  • Anti-fungal drugs
  • Anti-psychotic drugs
  • Medicines for migraine
  • Sleep-inducing medicines

So, take special care while using medicines with CBD products. This approach applies to both prescription and over-the-counter medicines. Most of the time, the interactions don’t result in any serious harm. While in other cases, you might have to seek medical help. 

That is why it is always recommended to first talk to your healthcare provider before using any medicines along with CBD oils and tinctures. 

Safe Dosage for CBD Oil and Tincture:

There is no authentic guideline about the specific dosage of CBD oil and tincture. However, dosage may depend on certain factors, including:

  • Your bodyweight
  • Type of product you are using
  • Underlying health conditions
  • The concentration of CBD in the product

These are the factors that determine how much dosage you should start with. Moreover, you should first consult your doctor before starting on any CBD product, including oil and tinctures. If you don’t have access to a doctor or healthcare professional, you should start with the minimum possible dosage, keeping in view your health conditions. 

If you are using CBD oil for relieving anxiety, the dosage may be a bit high, i.e., 200 to 400mg per day. On the other hand, if you are going to use CBD oil or tincture for pain or insomnia, the recommended dosage should start from 20mg per day for starters. 

Due to the lack of FDA regulation and limited research, there is not much evidence about CBD oils being associated with potential health benefits. However, users’ claims prove that CBD oil and tinctures are good for treating several health problems. 


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