Can Writing Help with Mental Health Improvement?

Dealing with mental health issues is not an easy burden to carry. However, there are many ways you can make life easier for yourself, even in the darkest of times. Writing, for one, is a perfect example of how you can work on your mental health. In this case, you don’t even need to get any training or guidance. All a person needs to do is write. There aren’t any special techniques either. You only need to be honest with yourself. Write about what hurts, as Hemingway used to say. Sharing your thoughts on paper is a great way to reflect and release old feelings.

Overall, writing can do a lot for your mental health improvement. You just need to believe in its healing powers first. Here is how writing can be a great therapy addition to your work on mental health issues.


First of all, writing is a great medium to reflect on things. Everyone can write. You just need a computer or a pen and paper. The rest is up to you and your imagination. You just need to relax and let your mind tell you what bothers it. Reflecting on your past experiences, thoughts, and feelings will help you build a better understanding of yourself. By doing such writing, you access your past experiences, beliefs, and actions. You get to relive them and see them from a new perspective. Thus, you learn something new about yourself.

It’s important that you learn to accept and understand yourself when working on mental health. Here, you get to ask yourself questions, analyze your past actions, and take a deep dive into your past experiences. Reflecting on such information may help you understand the roots of your issues or unhealthy tendencies. Thus, you increase your self-awareness and learn to pay better attention to your actions. In addition, one can also show such writing to a specialist to help them understand their clients better.


When one writes, they get to be alone with themselves and their thoughts. Such times are absolutely precious in our busy, noisy world. Hence, writing can serve you as a form of mediation. A person dedicates special time to themselves and their feelings. You can turn on peaceful music, make tea, turn off notifications and just write. Such a writing process can become a perfect meditation session. You get to hear your own thoughts and declutter your mind.

In fact, you may also write down everything that comes to your head. No analyzing or editing. Just pure writing. One can always return to these pages and read them later. However, it doesn’t have to play a role here. The point of meditative writing is to put on paper the first thought that comes to your relaxed mind. 


Expressing your creative side is a form of healing. You get to release the creative flow on a paper. Thus, your mind gets a new form of self-expression. You can refocus your attention and even change your mindset in the process. In addition, your brain now uses different forms of self-expression to convey feelings or recall memories. Thus, metaphors and comparisons can help you find new meaning in old stories and feelings you may have at the moment.

Also, don’t worry that you are one of many people who needed an essay helper online in college. Academic writing has nothing to do with creative writing. On the contrary, here you should let yourself go. Don’t overthink it or try to control the flow. Just give in to it. Here, you build communication between yourself and your consciousness. It’s your way to express pushed-down thoughts and uncomfortable truth. Moreover, you may explore your ideas in a new light and from different angles. Thus, giving yourself more room to process the information.


When writing, you work on letting go. It may be hard to believe at first. Yet, each word you type in or leave on a paper stays there. It moves from your mind and heart to that new medium. Just like that, you learn to let go of your old pains, worries, anxious thoughts, etc., and keep them in a new place. A person who writes constantly doesn’t let their mind clutter. They learn to release all their emotions as soon as things get difficult.

Overall, writing can be similar to speaking to someone. You get to share your story and thoughts. However, in this case, you don’t have to say things out loud. It can also remain a very private ‘conversation’ if you want it to be. Still, after finishing writing, you have a feeling of accomplishment. You did share whatever you needed to say. It doesn’t matter that for now, only paper knows about your worries. Perhaps, next time you will be strong or open enough to share things with a friend. However, until then, paper can hold onto your feelings for you.

Bottom line

Writing can be a great tool for improving your mental health. It can serve you as a facilitator in understanding your thoughts and feelings. Also, writing helps you build a new approach to unresolved issues and emotions. Overall, it won’t hurt to try? Perhaps, writing can be your next favorite hobby.


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