A well-known model from Venezuela, Shannon De Lima, and an actor Manuel Sosa welcomed their son- Daniel Alejandro Sosa De Lima on the 29th of October, 2007. Danial is still a kid but managed to grab the media attention for his parents’ identity. 

About Daniel Lima, a celebrity kid

Born in the US, Daniel Alejandro Sosa De Lima is known for being the son of a celebrity couple. He was born on 29 October 2007 and thus, has Scorpio as his zodiac sign. He’s only a teenager but rising to fame was an easy game for him, knowingly or unknowingly, due to him being a celebrity kid.

Daniel Alejandro Physical Stats

For a teenager, Daniel is a tall boy of about 5’9 ft with a body weight of about 55 kg

Family of Daniel Lima

Daniel’s mother, Shannon Sosa is a successful Venezuelan model who’s also known for her achievements in a few pageant competitions. Meanwhile, Daniel’s father is also a well-known actor in Venezuela. 

Early life of Daniel Alejandro Sosa De Lima

Although both his parents are natively from Venezuela, Daniel was born in the US. His father initially began to get famous in the late 1990s via the telenovelas HoyTe Vi which was a hit of the time. And about his mother, she had won titles and runner-up status in a few beauty pageant competitions. 

Where does Daniel study? 

Daniel Alejandro Sosa De Lima is still a teenager and a school-going boy. However, the school he studies at is revealed to the public.

What does the professional career of Daniel Alejandro look like? 

Daniel is currently only at his school level education, and thereby, what his future career will look like is unknown. He can, however, like his parents become a well-known celebrity one day. 

Does Daniel Sosa have a girlfriend? 

Daniel seems to be a little immature to hooked at the moment. And although there are no details if he has dated anyone yet, there are speculations that he has not, considering his way of lifestyle. 

Married life of Daniel Alejandro

Well, Daniel is of course too young to married or even have a serious dating life right now. 

Accomplishments in the life of Daniel Alejandro Sosa De Lima

There is no information available on the achievements of Daniel, and his fans probably have to wait a little longer to get a more detailed insight into his life. 

Does Daniel Lims have a social media account?

Daniel’s parents are very active on all kinds of social media sites but do not allow their son to have one of his own just yet.

How much net worth does Daniel Alejandro

Regardless of being just a teenager, Danial has an estimated net worth of $100k.


Daniel Alejandro Sosa De Lima is like any other celebrity kid whom people already began becoming a fan of, way before his debut in the entertainment industry. Nevertheless, his parents did a good job of raising him. He is well set up with boundaries and regulations. 


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