Managing the health and infection control soulution, safety of employees is an integral part of managing your business effectively. The workers’ health and safety ensure that competent employees will keep on working for you for an extended time. Fulfilling the cost of resulting disabilities and injuries can be insurmountable. In 2015, the cost reached almost $60 billion.

Every business should conduct a health and safety audit of their workplace to identify possible ways workers can get harmed and take preventive measures accordingly. They must put measures in place to eliminate the possibility of any such injury or work-related disease. Many workers contract fetal illnesses because health and safety are not a priority at their workplace.

ILO also puts extensive guidelines for ensuring the workers’ health and safety. Thus, the responsibility lies on the business owner to have a health and safety program in place. The program’s scope hinges on the size of your business operations and the hazards associated with your business. For instance, a construction worker is exposed to many occupational hazards. They have to work with dangerous machines and are exposed to toxic fumes, radiation, and materials. Falling from elevated structures and slipping on the ground due to clogged water are also health risks that construction workers may encounter.  

Getting formal education about industrial hygiene

Ensuring the health and safety of workers in the workplace has gained so much traction that educational institutions are offering higher-level professional degrees to study this phenomenon thoroughly. Today businesses require experts to analyze their worksites, predicting and preempting the probable risks and hazards associated with a workplace. At the same time, they balance the regulatory compliance too. One such degree is a master’s in industrial hygiene, available online as well.

An online masters in industrial hygiene prepares an individual with the right skills to perform their job and make potentially hazardous workplaces safer for the workers. Thus, the job of industrial hygiene experts has altruistic connotations to it too. Hiring an expert to analyze your worksite is as important as making all the arrangements for ensuring health and safety in the first place. Here are some tips to ensure the health and safety of your workers.

  1. Inspect your workplace

Ensuring the health and safety of your workers starts with inspecting your workplace. If you have hazardous machines and tools, ensure they are well-kept and service them now and then to ensure they work properly. Unwanted stuff kept in the storage should be closely monitored, making sure nothing falls on the workers when they visit the storage. For instance, boxes, old machinery, tools, etc., should be stacked neatly and safely. Similarly, there should be ladders to reach tools and material at an adequate height. All the employees must undergo training to use the storage area and lift heavy objects. Make sure the clean-up staff cleans the storage regularly to remove the build-up of dust and debris that comes with workers’ footfall and wind.

  • Provide training to your employees

All the employees should acquire proper training about working on the site and using dangerous tools. Employees should know what to do if and when they meet a potentially dangerous situation. Develop a health and safety manual and ensure all the employees read it thoroughly. The manual should also mention the procedure for the safe use of machines and tools. Workers can consult the manual if and when they forget the procedure. Occasionally supervise your employees to ensure that they adhere to the guidelines.

All this training and manual is not just important for the workers but also for your business. With a properly trained workforce, you can evade the expenses paid for the treatment and the fines levied by the court. Employers who are negligent in providing a safe working environment for their employees are often fined hefty amounts by the court of law.

  • Develop open communication

You can improve safety at your workplace by engaging with your workers and asking about issues that may potentially cause harm to their life. Encourage them to take proactive measures, and bring input and solutions to any issues arising on the worksite. All your staff must have first aid training to provide emergency care service to a fellow worker if an unfortunate event occurs. Getting your employees trained by first aid training facilities such as Coast to Coast First Aid and Aquatics in Ottawa will help to keep them ready to respond to emergencies when the need arises, making the workplace a safer place for everyone

  • Reward safe behavior of employees

Having a reward system in place is one of the ways to encourage your staff to display safe behavior, such as using personal protective equipment and adhering to safety measures and policies. When more people adhere to safety regulations, the number of injuries and dangerous events decreases. You can conduct a monthly appraisal and reward the workers with a better safety profile.

  • Use signs to marks to communicate

There are often no-go spots for the public and unauthorized workers on work sites. These places are often dangerous, presenting the risk of falls, electrocution, and radiation exposure. Such places must be marked using signs and marks. These labels can communicate the important message without using words. Pictures and signs graphically describe the message and reach those who cannot read. Even the most experienced workers can fall prey to hazards present in those no-go areas. These signs help them stop and reconsider their decision to trespass through the prohibited area.

  • Keep your workplace clean

A messy workplace openly invites mishaps and accidents. Things lying everywhere can cause the workers to trip over them. Make sure spills are mopped immediately, and water does not inundate the floors. Tangled cords and broken pieces of material such as tiles, etc., can create hurdles for workers.

  • Call regular meetings on the issue of workplace safety

Being equipped with measures is always better than being caught by surprise. Instead of putting the health and safety measures in place after an accident, you must be prepared to deal with such an issue. Have regular meetings with your workers and go over safety protocols. Know their grievances such as the shortage of right tools, absence of gloves, face shield, or other protective gear. Keep the safety of your workplace a top priority, and always ensure the health and well-being of your workers.


Ensuring the safety status of your workplace is as important as other functions such as managing finances and advertising your products in the right way. Worksites with health and safety measures encounter fewer accidents, and workers are more satisfied with their work and employers. Hence, it is never too late to mend if you’ve been neglecting this important aspect of your business.


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