Things to remember when buying a new car battery

Car battery today are different from the batteries ten to twenty years ago. Their technology is unique and more advanced. Their performance, chemistries, and capacities are geared to accommodate wider applications.

In buying a new battery, there are several things that you need to take into account. In this way, you will be able to identify the most appropriate battery for your needs.

Reserve Capacity

Similar to portable power stations, these car batteries have specific runtime. Technically, it is called the reserved capacity. This refers to the amount of time that the car battery can operate independently. 

In choosing a car battery, look for those units that have high reserve capacity. They are the ones that can rescue you in case the engine fails or the alternator becomes unresponsive. 

There are no trade-offs when it comes to reserve capacity. Car battery manufacturers say that it is an absolute feature that drivers and car owners must prioritize. You would never want to see yourself stuck in the middle of the road because you forgot to switch the lights of your vehicle, and it drained the battery. 

Battery Size And Fit

Not all car batteries are the same. Even their sizes differ from one another. It’s crucial that you can identify which battery size is fitting to your vehicle. 

Specifically, your vehicle has a particular power requirement for it to operate. But this doesn’t mean that you can be too loose about it. Even if a battery meets the needs of your car or truck, it will not work if it has the wrong fit. 

There’s always a possibility that your vehicle only accepts a specific battery size. If you don’t know what it is, then you can refer to the manual of your unit.

What you need is a battery that can match the existing tray of your car. This simple yet practical factor will prevent unwanted damage to the vehicle and the battery itself. 

Furthermore, the appropriately-sized battery will match the factory wiring of your vehicle. By the way, you might want to learn the differences in wiring batteries between series and parallel. It could help you set up the electrical system of your ride. 

Power Requirement Of Your Vehicle

Now that we have talked about it, the power requirement of your vehicle is a piece of essential information in choosing car batteries. In fact, before you make a selection of potential purchases, you need to know this detail first. 

In a technical context, power requirement refers to the cranking amps (CA) and the cold cranking amps (CCA) of the car battery. The cold cranking amp indicates the amperage needed by the battery to start your vehicle at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, cranking amps refer to the power required to start the engine of your car at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Keep in mind that CCA is frequently used in places where the temperatures are naturally low. If you are residing in these areas, it is recommended that you get batteries with high CCA. 

Freshness Of The Battery

Many are unaware of battery freshness. But it is something that you need to know so that you can get the best battery for your vehicle. 

Battery freshness is determined by a code inscribed on the label or the battery itself. This code is composed of a single number and a letter. The letter tells the month when the battery is manufactured. Meanwhile, the number is the battery’s manufacturing year. 

So if the code states B/5, this tells that the battery was manufactured in February 2015. By the way, you should never purchase a battery that is older than six months from the date of its production. Otherwise, you will be buying a battery that has a deteriorated battery life. 

While it is true that you can extend your car’s battery life by doing practical measures, there’s no way you can recover its original freshness. 

Terminal Positioning

Each car has different car terminals and positions. Hence, it is vital that you check your car’s setup first before installing the battery. 

The positive terminal of the battery could affect your car’s polarity if you have positioned it incorrectly. Specifically, shorting could take place if the positive terminal gets in contact with the metallic shell of your vehicle. 

Make sure that you know how to connect the battery to your car correctly. Furthermore, make sure that you only choose batteries that are compatible with the existing layout of your vehicle. 

This concept is similar to the valves and pipes commonly found in factories, water lines, and industrial facilities. Operators, contractors, and installers have to check valve identification charts before they fit a particular component into the existing system. 


Alarmingly, some people ignore the importance of warranties. When it comes to buying new car batteries, the inclusion of these warranties should never be taken for granted. 

A warranty can provide peace of mind that if something goes wrong with the battery, it will be covered by the manufacturer. A quality warranty can provide coverage for a reasonable period of time and can include coverage for defects, parts, and labor. 

Some extended warranties even offer coverage for additional services, such as roadside assistance. When looking for a new car battery, it is essential to carefully review the scope and length of the warranty to ensure that you are getting the proper protection for your investment.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your car battery new and well-maintained will prevent unwanted discomforts, especially while you are driving. Hence, it is crucial that you pay attention to the overall quality of the battery that you want to buy–as well as its compatibility with your vehicle. Don’t forget that the battery should fit the system of your car while meeting the power requirements for operating the entire system. 


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