6 Best Jobs In Healthcare

Are you on the lookout for some lucrative jobs? Or do you want to have a career that allows you to earn a living alongside nurturing your desire to help others live healthier lives? If you are headed in either of the directions, the healthcare industry is the best fit for you. A healthcare career will not only enable you to secure your future financially, but it will also ensure you the satisfaction of impacting the lives of thousands of patients. 

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing industries and offers an incredible array of promising careers for aspirants. Healthcare administrators, physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and physical and radiation therapists are some of the most lucrative jobs in this large industry. If you plan to enter healthcare but are unsure which healthcare role will suit you the best, this article is for you. Keep reading to find a list of the most rewarding careers in healthcare that will fill your pockets and make your life meaningful. 

Healthcare administration

Healthcare administrators are the key players in every medical setting who keep everything running smoothly. Healthcare administration offers significant positions like hospital administrators, assisted living facility medical office business managers, and clinical directors in healthcare settings. Healthcare administration is a diverse field offering job positions in various environments. Yet all jobs require a mix of fundamental knowledge of healthcare and business.

In terms of earning potential, hospital administration salary packages often touch $116,000. A bachelor’s degree in a healthcare-related field can help you secure a job. But for higher positions, you can go for advanced education such as an MHA/MBA dual degree. Thus, consider this career path if you are a goal-oriented person, have strong organizational skills, and are adept at managing and organizing. 

Nurse practitioner

Registered nurses gain specialized education in their desired niche to become nurse practitioners. Nurse practitioners are responsible for providing a full continuum of care to patients. Moreover, they also diagnose and treat acute and chronic health conditions, prescribe medications, and educate patients about their health conditions. Sounds similar to the role of a physician, right? Hence, becoming an NP is a smart choice if you’re not up for going to med school.

The main difference between doctors and NPs is their level of education and other certifications. However, this is a more lucrative job than being a standard RN with a median salary of $115,800, which is even higher than physician assistants. Thus, if you are a person who loves interacting and caring for people, alongside earning a handsome salary, this job is for you. You can also specialize in a specific area of nursing care when becoming an NP.


Physicians or primary care providers are the ones people turn to when their flu doesn’t subside, a lump appears out of the blue, or a headache won’t subside. From taking a patient’s medical history, diagnosing the problem, prescribing tests, and devising treatment plans, physicians make sure their patients embark on the road to recovery.

However, becoming a physician requires a considerable investment of both time and money. But the prestige, tangible, and intangible rewards in terms of fulfillment are well worth the investment. According to PayScale, the median salary of a physician is around $200,000 annually, making it one of the top healthcare careers. 

Physical therapist

Physical therapists use hands-on treatment to help the patients with physical issues from athletic injuries and complaints of neurological traumas recover physically. The treatments plan devised by a physical therapist mostly include exercises, stretching, hands-on therapies, and using machines that help improve muscle strength, etc. Moreover, they use different techniques to help relieve pain associated with chronic illnesses and enhance their quality of life.

People with a BS can earn a diploma or terminal degree in physical therapy afterward to step into this field. Physical therapists earn a median salary of $70,000 annually. If you are more into sports, exercising, and fitness, why not enter a healthcare field that aligns with your interests. 


Becoming a surgeon means taking on a huge responsibility as this job entails critical analysis and strong decision-making skills. Surgeons are responsible for making preoperative diagnoses, performing the operation, and providing postoperative treatment and care. Moreover, surgeons need a strong bonding with their team members to ensure cooperation during operations.

The education requirement for becoming a surgeon includes MBBS from a medical school, internship, and residency programs. After years of schooling and hard work, surgeons reap their rewards in monetary gains and a sense of fulfillment. Surgeons are among the highest-earning professionals in healthcare, with a median salary of around $280,000 annually. Click here to find out more about the job of a surgeon.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is considered the super specialty of dental surgery. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are trained in various facial and dental functions. The major focus is on the reconstructive surgery of the face, facial trauma surgery, head and neck, jaws, mouth, oral cavity, and the most widely used cosmetic surgery. They also have special training in anesthesia and pain control.

To become a maxillofacial surgeon, you need a dental degree and an additional residency period of four to six years, and a certification exam. Daunting, isn’t it? This hard work brings maxillofacial surgeons some tangible benefits in the long run. Maxillofacial surgeons earn a median salary of $231,276 annually. 


Healthcare jobs are challenging as well as rewarding. They require persistent efforts, commitment, motivation, and devotion to keep them going through stressful periods. Yet they pay well. Most people who feel a calling towards these demanding jobs never go weary of them. The high salary packages also play the role of reinforcers for such professionals. This article mentions a few of the best jobs in healthcare that may help you narrow down your choices. Choose the best fit for yourself and start planning your journey now. 


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