5+ Spotify Features You are Not Using (But You Should!)

The Spotify app constantly adds new features to take your listening experience to the next level. But unfortunately, some of these features are easily missed. Keep scrolling to find some favorite features you should be using but are not. 

Use Spotify’s Recommendation to Find Fresh Music 

Spotify can comprehend music preferences. The app powers this knowledge into personalized playlists. You can find these playlists in the Made for you hub, created by studying your listening history. You can access this through the desktop and mobile app search sections. 

Some popular personalized playlists include:

  • Daily Mixes – The playlists bring together the most recently listened tracks and fresh ones. The playlist is updated regularly. 
  • Discover Weekly – The playlist brings you thirty songs of new rarities and is updated every Monday. 
  • Release Radar – The playlist includes new songs from your favorite artists and is updated every Friday. 

Ditch the App, Use the Web Player on Your Mac 

If installing the Spotify application feels like a big commitment, you can use the Spotify web player on your Mac. This is particularly useful to new listeners who want to test the waters before becoming premium subscribers. 

The web player is similar to the application in terms of features and UX. For instance, you can access the entire music catalog, create and edit a personalized music library, search by artists or titles, copy and share Spotify playlist links, etc. 

You can quickly access the Spotify web player at open.spotify.com and then log into your account to start listening to music and podcasts. The browsers compatible with Spotify web player are Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera. 

Enable Offline Listening 

The offline mode can be suitable if you run out of data. You can enable this mode by opening the music streaming app > tapping the gear icon > Playback > and tapping the switch next to Offline. 

With this option enabled, premium users can listen to downloaded podcasts and music. Free users can listen to downloaded podcasts. 

Smarter Search 

Spotify brings you a massive catalog by album, song, mood, genre, lyrics, etc. So if you are searching for a song, it may take you a while to hit the jackpot. To get hyper-specific results, you can refine your search by genre, year, record label, and album. 

Let Spotify Complete Your Playlist 

Do you want to create a playlist for your workout sessions or an upcoming road trip? Regardless, Spotify can help you quickly complete your playlist if you run low on inspiration. 

The app will give you recommendations based on your listening history and preferences. You can browse through the recommendations list to complete the playlist. 

For this, open your playlist and scroll to the bottom to find curated recommendations. You can add recommendations to the playlist by clicking the Add button. If you want more recommendations, click Refresh, and Spotify will send you a new list of recommendations. 

Private Listening Sessions 

As you already know, Spotify makes song or artist recommendations according to what users listen to. However, if you don’t want people to know your guilty pleasures and find out what you listen to when no one is looking, you can start a Private session

Open the Spotify app and tap the gear icon to start a Private session. Then, choose Privacy & Social, and a Private session will be the first option. 

With this enabled, you can listen to any music and artist you want without any unwanted recommendations. 

Skip Artists You Don’t Want to Hear 

To figure out what users like to listen to, Spotify uses the nearest-neighbor algorithm. The recommendations might not always be accurate, but they will be close to the users’ preferences. Therefore, the algorithm is not always a success. 

Luckily, you can skip the artists you do not want to hear. You can stop Spotify from playing specific artists by going to the artist’s main page and tapping on the three-dot menu to select Don’t Play This. 

If you want to give the artist a second chance in the future, go to the artist’s page again and click Allow to Play This. 

Change the Playlist’s Cover Image 

Spotify creates the cover images of playlists using the album art from the songs users have added to their playlists. Users can easily personalize the covers to whatever they want, and you must use a 300 X 300 pixels image for the best results. 

On the desktop app, change the playlist image by choosing your playlist and hovering the mouse on the cover image. Then, click the Choose Photo option and set a new image. Similar steps are to be followed on the mobile app. 

The Bottom Line 

These Spotify features you might have missed out on. Use these to improve your listening experience on this music streaming platform.


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