5 Best Free Spanish Learning Apps

With over 500 million people speaking it, Spanish is one of the languages spoken by the most significant number of people. The ability to understand Spanish will give you an advantage in understanding French, Italian, and Portuguese since it’s a Romance language. 

Do you want to master Spanish shortly and be among the millions of people who speak the language worldwide? Maybe you’re searching for an alternative to learning Spanish as you’re not in the position to devote the time or resources to undertake an entire time study. 

If that’s the case, an application to help you learn Spanish is the best alternative! The most simple and fun method to learn Spanish is using the top Spanish-language apps. You can know when and wherever you like while also gaining enjoyment and motivation. Some apps are free.

Getting a Spanish Tutor is the best way to make your Spanish better. You can find more language tutors, like English Tutors, at AmazingTalker.

Fist of 5 Free Apps for Spanish Learning:

  1. AmazingTalker:

Students of online languages can locate tutors on the internet through the site AmazingTalker. Their website declares that they will assist you in finding online tutors at a cheap cost. Learn to speak your new language confidently. Let the world become your first language by expressing it naturally. Use individual tutors to focus on the abilities you’ll develop to achieve your objectives. 

After you’ve contacted your instructor, you’ll set a convenient date for you both to meet for an individual language class. It can take the form of a formal course or a conversation in your preferred language. English, Spanish, and numerous other languages are accessible through AmazingTalker. 

They also provide tutors that meet your requirements, including native English tutors and other tutors. Lessons run between 30 to 60 minutes. It’s available on Windows, Android, and iOS.

  1. Duolingo:

One of the best free Spanish learning applications is Duolingo, available through both Google Play Store and the App Store. One of the most useful apps to learn Spanish is Duolingo, which offers games-like lessons that allow you to learn Spanish in only 5 minutes each day. If you’re a novice in studying languages and are looking to master Spanish, Duolingo is a well-known program. The most well-known course on Duolingo is Spanish. It’s designed to be played as an actual game so that you can enjoy learning while having fun. Beginning learners can advance their skills and compete against time, and get points for correct answers. Duolingo helps make learning Spanish fun and addictive. 

  1. Rosetta Stone:

Compared to most applications for learning languages, Rosetta Stone is built differently. It’s designed to let you master Spanish entirely from scratch, like a native is, and not learn Spanish by using English. There’s a website where you can book classes with a live teacher of every type and its learning element. Improving their Spanish is valuable for those who like to talk with native speakers. 

The speech recognition feature of the platform has been praised for its ability to be specifically designed to comprehend the pronunciation of non-native speakers. The method is typically demanding, but If you’re a lover of languages, this could be what you’re looking for.

  1. Memrise:

A unique tool for language learning is Memrise. Its primary goal, which is different from other applications, is to assist in your retention of Spanish vocabulary. It offers a range of courses that each have many lessons. Every session of a course typically covers between 10-50 new words. 

Each class comes with an audio file, the English translator, and an image of a native speaker speaking the term or phrase. By repeating the words and using them in various activities like flashcards, translating, or answering the questions correctly, you’ll be able to learn the terms.

  1. Cudu:

Visit Cudu If you’re looking for an adorable little application to assist you in learning Spanish conversation. Cudu gives you practice using text to help you master everyday Spanish conversations. You can speak, listen, read, and learn through dialogue-based learning. This method will improve the concept of context-based learning and memory retention. 

However, it is essential to remember that to utilize the program to the fullest extent and begin using it with it; you need to be able to comprehend Spanish. There are over 100 topics available, which include topics for conversation in general as well as subjects of everyday life. Using the program to improve your understanding of how to follow the “flow” of Spanish conversation is possible. In addition, it uses many of the most commonly used phrases and idioms. 


In only a few months, you can learn Spanish using these apps. It would be best if you built a substantial vocabulary, understood spoken Spanish, and mastered the basics of Spanish grammar to master Spanish quickly. Some are more adept in teaching grammar and vocabulary in Spanish However; others could be better at teaching specific terms and phrases, while others could be great for practicing speaking. 


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