3 Gifts to Blow your Teenager’s Mind

Buying for a teenager isn’t easy – often they’ll be wanting something on the latest trends, but when they change every few weeks, they’re impossible to keep up with! Don’t worry though – here are three gift ideas that are sure to be foolproof in making your teen happy.

Video Games

Video games are a tried and true classic that have, and will always, stand the test of time. Though they may not be playing Space Invaders or Tetris anymore, you can find plenty of games that are newly released that are bound to make them happy!

If your child hasn’t played many video games, maybe consider investing in some sort of console or equipment to help them play. This could be something small, like a Nintendo Switch, or it could be something huge like a PlayStation 5. If they’re already into their games but are looking for a bit of an update to their current setup, maybe think about purchasing an upgrade. For example, if they have a gaming PC, they might like a 4K monitor for gaming. Or, maybe you could get them something new altogether like a VR kit. No matter what level or ability your teen is, video games are an incredibly versatile gift that you can personalize to your teen.


Buying clothes for your kids is always a dangerous game; you can never be sure if what you’re buying is the right size, color, shape, or style. With sneakers, it’s different – you can be sure that the size is right (as long as you know their size, of course!). Sneakers are also one of the most popular fashion items today, so you can be sure that your teen will love showing them off.

As for the other things, a quick Google search or even a quick ask will tell you all you need to know. If you’re unsure, then follow some major classic companies like Nike or Vans for a safe bet. Sneakers are not only a great option for style, but they’re also extremely practical. Stylish and useful, they’re sure to impress your teen.

Experience Day

Buying an experience day is one of the most unique gifts you can get your teen. The best thing about them is that you can personalize them to their interests. Whether your teen would enjoy a high-intensity go-karting experience or something more chill like a chocolate making course there are plenty of options. These gifts are super valuable because not only do you get to gift them something that’s suited to their tastes that they’re bound to love, but you’ll also be gifting them lots of memories to hold onto for life.

Another great thing about experience days is that you can share them with your teen. As kids get older, they often become more independent and may even shy away from their parents. Gifting an experience day is a great way to introduce some bonding time that doesn’t feel forced, and you can connect with your teen over the things that they love. 

If you’re stuck for ideas on a gift for your teen, consider the three above.


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