Fashion weeks are often organised for designers and brands across the globe. During a fashion week, designers show their latest collections. However, fashion week has now become more than just a physical event. Many individual designers and fashion influencers attract the audience on social media platforms during fashion week. However, you need to create eye-catching fashion videos to catch the attention of Instagrammers. Some brands use an professional instagram video editor, while some rely on a video expert. There are several ways one can capitalise on the upcoming fashion week by sharing Instagram videos. Read on to know ten tips for creating better Instagram videos this fashion week.

Offer an aesthetic look to your Instagram feed.

Your Instagram feed will be appealing to the eye if it has a constant aesthetic. For example, consider you are a small brand that designs clothing for women. You can keep a pinkish background in all your fashion videos to offer an aesthetic look to your feed. A unified aesthetic feed will quickly catch the attention of Instagrammers. Choose an aesthetic filter for your fashion videos and stick to it. A video editing platform can help you add appealing filters to your fashion videos. You can also rely on Instagram filters created after a lot of research. For example, the ‘Ginza’ filter on Instagram offers a fashion magazine look to your content.

Take several perspective shots.

Video experts believe that changing the camera angle is the key to attracting the audience. Instead of offering a simple straight shot, try shots from other angles. For example, you can shoot your fashion videos from multiple angles and bring them together during editing. You can also add transitions as you change from one perspective shot to another. Appealing Instagram videos don’t always rely on the editing part. If you have shots from multiple angles, you can always offer an immersive experience to the audience by fusing them.

Plan the ending and tell a story

There is no compulsion that you can only share designer cloth videos on Instagram this fashion week. You have the right to be creative and make unique fashion videos. For example, you can visit a lively costume party and show what everyone is wearing. There are infinite ideas for fashion videos that can be chosen. If you tell a story via your fashion videos, there are better chances of getting success. Before making fashion videos, make sure you have a POV (Point of View). Also, it would help if you thought about a creative ending for your fashion videos on Instagram. Take some time and decide the plot of your fashion video beforehand.

Don’t ignore sound for your fashion videos.

Your fashion videos can include a background narration or a music track. There is no point in uploading fashion videos on Instagram without sound. Even if your fashion video includes background narration, you can add lo-fi music in the background. Adding music to your fashion videos will make them more exciting. Not to forget, you are targeting multiple senses of the viewer by adding music to your fashion video. An Instagram video editor is apt for adding a license-free music track to your fashion video. You can also rely on the vast music library of Instagram to make appealing fashion videos. However, you can cut to the music beats with a video editor while making fashion videos.

Play with the lighting

You don’t have to make the entire fashion video in low or bright light. A perfect blend of low and bright lighting will do the trick. They will have more importance if you showcase low-lighting shots after bright shots. To get the lighting right, you can rely on artificial lights. You can also decide to shoot your fashion videos in natural lighting for a better viewing experience. You can also manipulate the lighting in your fashion videos via a video editing platform.

Make fashion videos relatable to the audience.

According to Instagram statistics, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Kendal Jenner are among the top fashion influencers worldwide. Apart from these three, many other fashion influencers have more than 100 million followers on Instagram. Do you know why these influencers have succeeded on Instagram? It is because they provide the fashion content needed by their followers. If their followers love ramp walk videos, they share them to catch their attention. This fashion week, you can create fashion videos around the treading topics to catch the attention of Instagrammers.

Get good lenses and microphones for creating fashion videos.

Your iPhone camera can be perfect for making a cinematic video. However, you can achieve much more with professional camera lenses. You can get high-quality or 4k shots with a professional camera lens. For example, users on Instagram need fashion videos to be of high quality. You will immediately notice the difference after using a professional lens for making fashion videos. Besides lenses, you can also invest in effective microphones for recording voiceovers.

Try some velocity effects.

You must have come across slow-motion videos on Instagram. Notice how slow-motion videos on Instagram quickly grab our attention. Velocity effects have an engaging effect on the Instagram audience. You can also add fast-forwarding effects to your fashion video if needed. Again, you will need a video editor to add velocity effects to your fashion videos. The built-in editing powers of smartphones/laptops aren’t advanced to add velocity effects. You will need a dedicated video editor to add velocity effects to your fashion videos.

Store the media elements after making each fashion video

What do you do to the media elements after making a fashion video? Well, deleting them isn’t a great idea for video creators. Instead, you should store clips, images, audio tracks, and other files after each fashion video. As a result, you will have an arsenal of media elements ready to be used. You can always use them in your future fashion videos and reduce the creation time. Not to forget, times will come when you don’t feel like making a new video. You can always use the stored media elements to make a fashion video. this platform provides a money-making option through sharing unique videos on it. so Instead of deleting your fashion videos simply upload them on the Avple platform and earn the value of your videos.

Don’t only share fashion videos in your feed.

Besides sharing fashion videos in your Instagram feed, you can also share reels this fashion week. In addition, you can share short fashion videos as Instagram stories to engage the audience. To utilize the power of Instagram for making appealing fashion videos.

You need to add a unique touch to your fashion videos on Instagram. A video editor can help add special effects to your fashion videos. So start creating powerful Instagram videos for the upcoming fashion week! 


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